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Hydraulic actuator LO-15A

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Heading on Hydraulic drive. Note, Drawing

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1. Contents


Job for coursework

1.1. Hydraulic system description, operating principle of hydraulic system and machine (or process equipment)

2. Calculation of main parameters of hydraulic drive

2.1. Determination of pressure in pressure and drain cavities and determination of piston diameter of power hydraulic cylinder

2.2. Determination of piston diameter of power hydraulic cylinder

2.3. Selection of hydraulic cylinder

2.4. Working fluid flow rate determination and pump selection

2.5. Calculation of pipeline diameter and fluid velocity

2.6. Selection of hydraulic equipment

2.7. Description of selected hydraulic equipment

2.8. Determination of actual pressure drops

2.9. Determination of hydraulic drive efficiency

2.10. Volumetric hydraulic tank calculation

3. Development of hydraulic drive operation measures

List of used literature



Currently, forest industry workers are faced with tasks to increase the efficiency of production and increase labor productivity, reduce cost, fully use wood, and involve material resources in economic turnover.

The purpose of this course work is to consolidate the acquired knowledge acquired during the study of the discipline "Hydraulic drive operation."

The course work includes calculation of the hydraulic system of the LO15A tanning plant, selection of drives that control the working elements, as well as its design directly.

Job for coursework

Calculation and operation of hydraulic system of LO15A decoupling unit.

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