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The part of the pressurized inlet is a part of the type of rotational elements which is made of the material of the steel grade 12X18H10T. It consists of 4 steps:  

1) the step ⌀80 mm and a width of 5 mm has a chamfer of 1x45.  

2) a step ⌀ 46 mm and a length of 55 mm The transition from 1 stage to 2 is carried out by a conical surface at an angle of 31.  

3) Step ⌀33 and width 12 mm. at the transition from 2 stage to 3 there is an end groove with a width of 5 mm and a depth of 3 mm.  

4) Step ⌀30 mm and width 18 mm.  

Also, the part in its design has a through hole  ⌀16 mm on the side of the 4th stage the part has a stepped hole ⌀24 mm and a thread M27x1.5. On the other side of the 1st stage, this part has a stepped hole ⌀40 mm and a conical surface under 120 . Overall roughness of the part Rz 40. This part in its design does not have complex surfaces that need in-depth analysis. The entire part is made by standardized tools, as a result of which it can be concluded that this part is quite technologically advanced.


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