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Grinding Mill Aspiration Plant - Exchange Rate

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Course work in the discipline Aspiration and pneumatic transport plants on the topic Aspiration plant of the milling mill. Explanatory note 26. Graphic part: A1 sheet - Installation diagram of aspiration unit - A1 sheet - Cyclone SIOT - 4 sheets of A3 format - Detail

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At grain storage and processing enterprises, ventilation and aspiration plants have sanitary, environmental and technological purposes, and also make it possible to ensure explosion safety.

The sanitary and hygienic purpose is to create and maintain normal working conditions in working rooms, as well as to protect the environment from dust pollution.

To create normal and safe working conditions in working rooms, it is necessary that the air of the working zone meets the requirements of sanitary standards for temperature, relative humidity, air mobility and dust content.

Air purity in working rooms shall be maintained by dust content at the level not exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations (MPC): 4 mg/m3 of grain dust and 6 mg/m3 of flour.

The technological purpose of aspiration plants at grain storage and processing enterprises is to clean grain from foreign impurities; in isolation of louse and flour from products of cereal crops exfoliation, enrichment of intermediate products (grits) on sieve machines; cooling of grinding, peeling machines and products of grinding and exfoliation; heating and cooling the grain during drying and hydrothermal treatment; Creating and maintaining an optimal "technological climate" (meteorological conditions) conducive to the storage and processing of grain; active ventilation of grain during its storage; extraction of mineral impurities from grain in vibro-pneumatic stone separation machines.

Ventilation (from lat.ventilatio - ventilation) is an adjustable air exchange in the room. Designed to maintain the necessary purity, temperature, humidity and mobility of air. Installations that provide controlled air exchange in the room are called ventilation. A special case of ventilation plants is aspiration.

Aspiration (from lat. Aspiratio - inhalation) is the suction of air from the equipment in order to create a vacuum inside the working spaces or protective casings, necessary to prevent the release of dust into the production rooms .

At bakery enterprises, all technological processes for storing and processing grain are accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dust inside the equipment, which can reach an explosive concentration, and when released into the environment creates concentrations that are dangerous to human health.

Reducing dust emissions into the atmosphere through the use of high-efficiency dust collectors in aspiration plants not only protects the environment, but also saves valuable food and fodder products, of which dust consists.


The role of ventilation and aspiration plants in enterprises is to improve working conditions, preserve the health of people, organize air flows involved in technological processes, and prevent dust explosions. The role of aspiration plants in technological processes consists in cleaning grain from impurities and sorting intermediate products of grain processing with air flows, in enrichment of cereals, in air cooling of working organs of machines and processed products in order to prevent condensation of water vapors on them.

Ventilation and aspiration plants are widely used in modern industrial enterprises of various industries. High technical level of these plants has been achieved.

In this course project, an aspiration plant for grinding from-fission of a flour mill was designed. The line includes such machines as a four-receiver SSH4M sizing machine, a single-rotor beating machine, a fan, and a SIOT cyclone. The optimal speed and diameter of the main main line of the plant, as well as the side sections have been determined.

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1 лист - монтажная схема.cdw

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2 лист - циклон.cdw

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