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Example of a fire alarm project for the Palace of Culture

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Object: Palace of Culture. Project developer: not known. Year of project release: -. Systems: Fire alarm

Project's Content

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Additional information


1 General part

2 Brief description of the object

3 Main Design Solutions

3.1. Automatic fire alarm installation

3.2. Fire Warning System

4 Occupational safety

Application. 1. License

1. common part

1.1. The working design of automatic fire alarm installations and a fire warning system for people was developed for the Palace of Culture, located at the address: Privolzhsk, st. B. Moskovskaya.

1.2. The development organization of the project LLC "SP FPB Plus" - has a license to perform this type of design work.

1.3. The initial data for the design were drawings of the technical passport for the structure issued by the customer.

1.4. Fire alarm is an integral part of the complex of engineering and technical systems for fire protection of the building and serves for timely detection of fire, transmission of information on fire to the central control panel of fire protection systems and generation of a pulse for control of engineering life support systems of the building.

1.5. The working design is developed in accordance with the requirements

- Construction Norms and Regulations 110195 "The instruction about an order of development, coordination, a statement and structure of the project documentation on construction of the enterprises, buildings and constructions ";

- SNiP 3.05.0685 "Electrical devices";

- NPB 882001 * "Fire fighting and alarm units. Design Codes and Regulations ";

- NPB 11003 "List of buildings, structures, premises and equipment to be protected by automatic fire extinguishing units and automatic fire alarm"

- SNiP 210197 * "Fire safety of buildings and structures";

- NPB 10403 "Design of fire warning systems for people in buildings and structures";

- "Electrical Installation Rules" (PUE), sixth and seventh editions;

- departmental regulatory documents

1.6. During the design, decisions, equipment and materials corresponding to the latest achievements of domestic science and technology were made. The main equipment has Russian certificates of conformity and fire safety.

2. brief description of the object

2.1. In accordance with the above documents, all rooms and corridors of the Palace of Culture building are equipped with fire alarms, with the exception of bathrooms, washing and other rooms with wet processes, as well as staircases and other technical rooms where there are no burnt materials.

2.2. The Palace of Culture is a 2-story brick building with an attic with a wooden floor.

Protected rooms have the following characteristics:

- heated;

- relative air humidity up to 80%;

- PUE rooms are classified as non-explosion - non-fire hazardous;

- air flow rate is not more than 1 m/s.

3. main design solutions

3.1. Automatic fire alarm installation.

3.1.1 The design provides for fire detection using fire alarm equipment and transmission of fire information to the "S2000M" reception and control panel and the "S2000BI" indication unit installed in the security post room.

3.1.2. The fire alarm system is based on the devices of the Orion integrated security system.

3.1.3. In standby mode, receiving and control devices located in the premises of the security station monitor the serviceability of detectors, connecting lines and signaling loops. At damage of connecting lines and loops with fire announcers on the two-wire line the signal of malfunction is given for the C2000M remote controller.

3.1.4. In case of fire, smoke detectors of type IP2123SU or linear smoke detectors of type IP21262 "SPEK2210" operate in protected rooms. Heat detectors IP 1034/1 "IAC" are used to detect heat in the smoking room and in the attic. In case of fire detectors actuation, the control and receiving device generates acoustic and light alarms indicating the loop number in which the activated detector is included.

3.1.5. Manual fire detectors of the type IPR3SU are installed on people's evacuation routes.

3.1.6 The selection of fire detectors of the specified type is justified by the most complete compliance of their parameters with the characteristics of the protected premises.

3.1.7. Detailed information on the operation of the control instrument and fire detectors is given in their technical descriptions

3.1.8. Fire alarm system generates command pulse for actuation of fire light warning system.

3.1.9. Electrical wiring in the attic shall be made in a steel pipe with the exception of dust and moisture penetration inside the pipes. Cable connections and branches shall be made in metal junction boxes by welding, compression or compression.

3.1.10. The fire alarm system belongs to category I of reliability of power supply and, according to PUE, it is provided with electricity from 2 independent power sources. Storage batteries are used as backup power supply source in fire alarm system.

3.2. Fire warning system for people.

3.2.1. The entire building of the Palace of Culture is to be equipped with a fire warning system.

3.2.2. The fire evacuation warning and control system is one of the components of the complex of technical means and organizational measures that ensure the safety of people in case of fire or other emergency.

The fire warning system is designed to inform people about the fire and control their evacuation to a safe area.

3.2.3. In accordance with NPB 10403, an automatic warning system of the second type is designed. EMSS of this type provides notification of people by actuation of "Output" annunciators and sound sirens .

3.2.4. "BlikZS12" type annunciators are designed as light-and-sound annunciators.

3.2.5. Power supply of the warning system is provided according to the 1st category, as per PUE, from two independent power sources after ALT. Storage batteries are used as a backup power source.

3.2.16 To ensure safe operation of the warning system before the installation of the device housing, it is necessary to ground them to the protective grounding bar. Protective grounding is provided in accordance with PUE, SNiP 3.05.0685, GOST 2.1.03081. Grounding resistance is not more than 4 ohms.

4. Occupational Safety

4.1. Installation of the unit shall be guided by the requirements of

SNII480 *, including the following:

- electrical installation works;

- electric welding and gas-flame works;

- Loading and unloading works;

- operation of technological equipment and tools;

- installation works;

- equipment test.

When performing electrical installation works, it is also necessary to comply with the requirements

SNiP 3.05.0685 and PUE.

When working with the construction and installation pistol PC 521, it is necessary to comply with the requirements "Instructions for the use of powder tools in the production of installation and special and construction works" VSN 41080.

When working with the power tool, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of GOST 12.2.00775.

During operation of the security alarm unit it is necessary to follow the operating manual, technical descriptions and certificates of the equipment included in the unit, RD 25 96490 "System for maintenance and repair of automatic fire extinguishing, smoke removal, security, fire and fire alarm units. Organization and procedure of works, "" Rules for technical operation of electrical installations of consumers "" Safety rules for operation of electrical installations of consumers "(PTE and PTB).

4.2. Persons who have undergone a medical examination, who have a document certifying the right to work with the installations and who have completed an introductory safety instruction and instruction on safe working methods at the workplace are allowed to service the installation.

4.3. During operation of the security alarm unit, the following basic rules shall be complied with:

perform repair works if there is no pressure in the repaired unit;

perform all repair and scheduled works with electrical equipment of the units only after power supply disconnection. The presence of working and protective grounding shall be checked;

perform all operations with serviceable tool;

clean and paint after voltage removal from nearby current-carrying elements;

repair of defects detected during testing should be performed after disconnection of plants from power supplies;

during repair works, if necessary, portable lamps with a voltage of not more than 12V shall be used.

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