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Entertainment center ventilation project (disco)

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Project for reconstruction of ventilation systems of entertainment center (disco): - ventilation system plan; axonometric diagrams of ventilation system; visualization of the project; cover sheet; leaf1 reconstruction project; general data; characteristics of heating and ventilation systems; Explanatory note; specification; aerodynamic calculation; calculation of smoke removal; calculation of umbrella deployments

Project's Content

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Additional information

Explanatory Note

Basis of Design

- Project (stage "Reconstruction and technical re-equipment") No. B22/09RP, volume 1 "Ventilation."

Technological solutions

Disco room, kitchen production room.

The reconstruction of the disco hall building on the second floor of the Discovery shopping center (hereinafter - DZ) involves the following main solutions:

- change in the assignment of premises caused by an increase in the number of premises;

- commissioning of the kitchen shop;

- redevelopment of premises.

The utility rooms located in the building remain unchanged.


hereinafter, the DZ will be considered functionally as a building building consisting of 2 parts:

- left wing in axes AD, 3-9;

- right wing in AE axes, 1-3.

Number of workplaces by premises.

Explication of rooms with indication of permanent and non-permanent workplaces is given in the diagram at the level of 6.000


Ventilation and air conditioning

The ventilation system of the existing building should be reconstructed. The possibility of using the existing ventilation network wiring can be determined by the project. The plenum common ventilation plant is embedded in the new design. VTS and Schuft equipment shall be used as plenum and exhaust common ventilation units. When determining the air exchange of rooms with permanent workplaces, the amount of supplied outdoor air should be taken in accordance with Appendix "M" SNIP 41012003, based on the calculation of ensuring a minimum outdoor air flow rate per person of 60 m3/h.

For the cold period of the year, apply outside air heating in the plenum unit. For plenum ventilation, use plenum overhead direct-flow ventilation plant with sections: filtration, electric air heater (coolant - 380 V, 18 kW), fan, air damper with electric drive.

Place the plenum unit in the underdeveloped space of the suspended ceiling at elevation 11.000 in the RH wing (refer to axes of aircraft, 2-3).

For general exhaust ventilation, use channel fans (or fans with a spiral one-way suction housing).

Separate exhaust ventilation systems shall be provided from RH and LH wing rooms.

In the supply common air supply system, use plenum diffusers directed downwards, provide for the arrangement of air dampers (vanes) on the branches of sections 2 and 3 to adjust the air flow according to aerodynamic readings.

In the reconstructed exhaust system BS1 - BS9, check valves should be installed to prevent reverse thrust.

To remove heat and moisture emissions from the hot kitchen workshop, a mechanical local exhaust ventilation VP10 with a channel fan with adjustable capacity is provided in the right wing. To provide the device of air gates in exhaust umbrellas of local exhaust BC10 system.

Exhaust ventilation of the smoke protection system in case of fire (smoke removal).

The smoke removal systems of the building remain unchanged .

Automation of ventilation systems

Automation of ventilation systems.

The project should provide for automation of ventilation systems.

This automation project includes the functions of protection, control and transfer of the main parameters:

automation panels (control units) should be able to connect to the general dispatching system with transmission of information on the state of ventilation systems and emergency situations to the dispatcher console, as well as data on commercial accounting of thermal energy;

about the operation of fans and control units in general: "On/Off";

out of range of temperature values in controlled points.

provide the required temperature conditions in the premises for the people staying in them (in accordance with paragraph 3.1 of this project).

protection of engines of plenum and exhaust fans against overload and overheating;

provide for automatic shutdown of ventilation systems in case of fire.

In addition, automation panels must provide:

automatic operation of air intake valve with electric drive with return spring;

control and maintenance of supply air temperature;

protection of the electric heater;

provide for power outage of fans of the plenum ventilation unit with automatic closing of air intake valves and active protection of the electric heater;

provide for preliminary heating of the electric heater during the start-up of the plenum ventilation unit with a temporary delay;

indication of dust content of the air filter;

indication of stop or failure of the fan;

protection against short circuits and overloads in electrical circuits;

shutdown of ventilation in case of fire.

Control units and panels shall comply with all items listed in Section 4.1 of this project and, if possible, be supplied complete with ventilation units.

Automation of exhaust ventilation of the smoke protection system in case of fire.

This project does not provide for the section of automation of exhaust smoke protection systems in case of fire.

Energy efficiency

Provide for the use of rational monitoring and metering devices on ventilation systems, and effective insulation for insulation of air ducts of the plenum ventilation system.

When selecting equipment, be guided by the highest efficiency of electric motors.

Drawings content

icon Аксонометрические схемы вентиляции.dwg

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