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Development of the technological process of assembly-welding of the bracket of the hopper car

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The object of this graduation qualification work is the bracket of the hopper car. The purpose of this work: to increase the productivity of the technological process of assembly-welding and the quality of welded joints of the bracket of the hopper car, by replacing manual arc welding with coated electrodes with mechanized welding in the environment of protective gases with a consumable electrode. Technological processes of assembly-welding of the bracket of the hopper car were implemented with the help of the developed device. An economic calculation of the applied welding technologies was carried out, and harmful factors in production and methods of their elimination were identified.

Project's Content

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icon Вагон с стропами.cdw
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icon 02 Пластина боковая.cdw
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icon diploma.docx
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icon Спецификация оснастки.cdw
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icon Welding_Section_Assembly_Poster.cdw
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icon Спецификация кронштейна.cdw
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icon 16вагон хоппер.cdw.bak
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