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Design of technological processes of earthworks production

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Design Assignment3

Calculation of the scope of excavation work6

Determination of the type and parameters of the earthworks6

Calculation of the scope of excavation work8

Design of temporary cavaliers for soil storage9

  Soil compaction10

Selection of a set of excavation machines11

   Choosing a single-bucket excavator11

   Calculation of the face of a single-bucket excavator "dragline"14

   Excavator performance calculation16

   Choosing a dump truck18

   Plant soil development20

   Choosing a crane22

Organization of construction planning25


Quality control of earthworks29

Safety precautions33




Project's Content

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Source Data

Design Task

Calculation of excavation quantity

Determination of earth structure type and parameters

Calculation of excavation quantity

Design of temporary cavaliers for soil storage

Soil compaction

Selection of a set of soil excavation machines

Selection of single bucket excavator

Calculation of the face of a single bucket excavator "dragline"

Excavator Performance Calculation

Select an Auto Dump

Soil development of vegetable layer

Selection of installation crane

Organization of construction scheduling


Quality control of earthworks

Safety precautions




7. Earthworks

Prior to the start of excavation works in the locations of the existing underground communications, measures for safe working conditions shall be developed and agreed with the organizations operating these communications, and the location of underground communications on the ground shall be indicated by appropriate signs or inscriptions. Excavation work in the area of the existing underground communications should be carried out under the direct supervision of the foreman or foreman, and in the protective zone of cables under voltage or the existing gas pipeline, in addition, under the supervision of employees of the electric or gas economy. If explosive materials are found, excavation at these locations should be stopped immediately, pending authorization from the relevant authorities. Pits and trenches developed on streets, driveways, in courtyards of settlements, as well as places where people or vehicles are moving, shall be protected by protective fencing taking into account the requirements of GOST 23407. Warning signs and signs must be installed on the fence, and at night - signal lighting. Places where people pass through trenches should be equipped with transition bridges illuminated at night. Digging of pits and trenches with vertical walls without anchorages in non-rock and non-frozen soils above the level of groundwater and in the absence of underground structures near it is allowed to a depth of no more than, m: - 1.0 - in bulk, sandy and large-breaking soils;

- 1.25 - in sandy loam ;

- 1.50 - in loams and clays.

Development by rotary and trench excavators in connected soils (loams, clays) of trenches with vertical walls without attachment is allowed to a depth of not more than 3 m. In places where workers are required, trenches or slopes shall be fixed. Before allowing workers into pits or trenches with a depth of more than 1.3 m, the stability of slopes or wall attachments must be checked.


During the course project on the design of technological processes of earthworks, the main methods of soil development were studied, as well as the principle of operation of working equipment of a single-bucket excavator. According to the initial data provided, the size of the excavations for the foundation was determined, and a full calculation of the excavation volumes was also made.

Required set of machines:

- single-bucket excavator with mechanical drive and working equipment "dragline" brand EO5112 on track;

- KamAZ55111 car dump with a capacity of 6.6 m3 and a carrying capacity of 12.0 tons in the amount of 8 pieces;

- DZ23 fastener with passage width of 2.6 m and push T330 25 traction class ;

- automotive mounting crane of KS59712 brand with remote supports and boom departure of 15 m on the basis of BAZ8027 car .

An excavation schedule was drawn up taking into account the selected set of machines. The schedule is drawn up with the maximum optimization of the work - if possible, the work is carried out in parallel. The entire cycle of work takes 61 days.

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Kursach TSP.dwg

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