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Design of foundations and foundations of shallow foundation for a civil building in Omsk

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The design part of the course project is drawn up in the form of an explanatory note, which should be written on one side of a standard sheet of writing paper of A4 format (size 297 × 210 mm) in clear handwriting, paste or ink, without amendments and pomarcs. On the right side of the sheet, fields of 7-10 mm are left, on the top and bottom - 20 mm and on the left - 25 mm for brochure. Page numbers are placed at the bottom of the page to the right. Drawings and calculation diagrams given in the explanatory note are made using computer graphics or with a pencil (mascara) on sheet (A4), it is allowed on millimeter paper of the same format as the entire explanatory note. The graphic part of the course project is carried out on watman, sheets of the A2 format (size 594 × 420 mm). The whole graphic part is presented in the form of two sheets - one sheet of the above format A2 for drawings of the version of the foundation - shallow-laid points on a natural or artificial base and the second sheet of the same format A2 for drawings of the version of the foundation on a pile base (Appendix 4). The cover of the calculation and explanatory note should be made of watman or thick writing paper (card tone). Cover sheet is placed on the cover sheet, sample of which is given in Annex 3. Explanatory note and drawings 5 are signed by the student indicating the date of submission of the project to the department for inspection. All calculations shall be made using the International System of Units (SI). The title block (stamp) on the drawings is made on the right bottom of A2 sheets according to the form, the sample of which is given in Annex 4.

Project's Content

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1. Assessment of engineering and geological conditions of the construction site

1.1. Determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils. Summary table of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils

1.2. Conclusion on site engineering and geological conditions

1.3. Section of engineering and geological construction site

2. Collection of loads on foundations

2.1. Loads on foundations

3. Design of shallow foundations on natural foundation

3.1. Purpose of foundation bottom laying depth

3.2. Sizing the Foundation Floor

3.3. Checking the strength of the underlying layer

3.4. Calculation of final settlement of foundations. Evaluation of non-uniformity of foundation settlement

4. Calculation of pile foundations according to the first group of limit states and their design

4.1. Purpose of bottom depth of pile caps

4.2. Pile type selection and length assignment

4.3. Determination of pile bearing capacity and allowable design load on the pile

4.4. Determination of the number of piles in the bush (for a freestanding foundation) or per linear meter of tape (for a tape foundation)

4.5. Calculation of final settlement of pile foundations. Evaluation of non-uniformity of settlement of pile foundations

4.6. Selection of pile-piercing equipment

4.7. Calculation of design failure of pile

5. Technical and economic comparisons of foundation variants

7. List of literature

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Графическая часть.dwg
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