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Design of automatic fire alarm system

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Object: Production and storage complex. Project developer: LLC 'SOKLA'. Year of project release: 2006. Systems: Fire alarm

Project's Content

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Additional information

1 General part

The working design of the automatic fire alarm installation (hereinafter AUPS) of the industrial and warehouse complex of the trading network "Vasya Pupkin and So," was developed on the basis of architectural and construction drawings issued by the Customer, and was carried out in accordance with the regulatory and technical documents:

• RD 78.14593 "Systems and complexes of the security, fire, okhrannopozharny alarm. Rules of Work Execution and Acceptance ";

• RD 78.36.00799 "Selection and use of fire alarm and technical strengthening tools for equipment of facilities";

• RD 009.01.96 "Fire Automation Units. Technical Content Rules "

• SNIP 110195 "Instruction on the composition, procedure for development, approval and approval of design documentation for the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures";

• NPB 882001 * "Fire Fighting and Alarm Units. Design Codes and Regulations ";

• MHsn - 1.0199 p. 12.17;

• PUE98 "Electrical Installation Rules."

2. Purpose of the installation.

Fire protection shall be provided for the premises of the trading hall, debarkader and office area, having the main characteristics:

• Category of fire and explosion safety on NPB 10595 - V-4

• Explosion fire class - P-Pa

• Relative humidity - up to 80%

• Ventilation - plenum

• Temperature limit - + 18-22С

Based on the fire hazard category of the protected premises, the type of combustible materials and the requirements of regulatory documents, an automatic fire alarm installation was designed to protect the facility.

2.3 Automatic fire alarm system is designed for fire detection and fire alarm.

2.4 Electrical start-up of the plant from smoke fire detectors IP2austri5, heat fire detectors IP1011A and manual start-up from manual fire detectors IPR-I.

2.5 In case of fire-fighting device operation the general ventilation shutdown is provided.

2.6 Electrical control of the fire alarm unit is performed by the "GrandMaster 16" instrument, which provides:

• automatic switching of power supply circuits from the main to the standby power supply input in case of voltage loss at the operating input;

• ventilation shutdown during fire response;

• control of sound and light signalling.

2.7 Fire and malfunction signals are transmitted to the "GrandMasters" device installed in the security room with 24-hour maintenance personnel.

2.8 Power supply of automatic fire alarm system is provided from two independent sources of alternating current with voltage of 220V (refer to assignment for power supply ZD.1 AUPPT).

3 Description of fire alarm unit operation.

3.1 In the standby operation mode of the plant, fire alarm devices constantly monitor the serviceability of the communication lines of fire detectors.

3.2 Smoke fire detectors IP 21245, which respond to fires accompanying the appearance of smoke, are installed on the ceiling in the premises of the trading room, debarkader and office area. Manual detectors IPR-I are installed on escape routes (at exits) at an altitude of 1.5 m from the floor level.

3.3 In case of smoke or fire in one of the rooms the fire alarm equipment receives the corresponding signal about fire. When one fire detector is activated in the protected room, "FIRE" signal is output to "GrandMaster" alarm panel.

4 Calculation of the installation.

4.1 Calculation of the installation was made in accordance with Appendix 2 NPB 88-2001 *

4.2 Calculation results are summarized in the table of basic indicators of automatic fire alarm installation, which is placed on the "General data" sheet of the project.

5 Power supply

According to the degree of reliability of power supply, fire alarm units belong to electrical receivers of category 1 and are provided with power supply according to PUE (ed. 6, 7).

Provision of 1 category of reliability of power supply is provided by the Customer. The instrument is powered by 220V + 1015% AC power supply. When the main power supply is disconnected, the provision of the 1 category of reliability is solved by automatically connecting the 12V ± 15% standby power supply.

Backup power supply shall ensure system operation during

not less than 24 hours in standby mode and for not less than 3 hours in alarm mode.

6 Earthing

All metal parts of electrical equipment that are not normally energized, but which may be energized, are subject to grounding as a result of insulation failure. Protective grounding resistance shall be not more than 4 ohms. Grounding shall be performed in accordance with "Electrical Installation Rules."

7 Basic safety requirements.

7.1 The condition of cables before laying must be checked by external inspection, except for inspection, the integrity of insulation of cores must be checked.

7.2 Personnel who have passed safety training are allowed to service the plant.

7.3 Perform all electrical works in existing installations and maintenance of electrical installations in compliance with the "Rules for technical operation of electrical installations of consumers of the State Energy Supervision." Regulations for the maintenance of electrical installations should be developed on the spot in accordance with the current rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers, instructions of manufacturers.

7.4 Connections of fire detectors in the alarm loop are made with KSPV 4x0.5 cable laid in corrugated slag in spaces behind suspended ceilings or in open way along ceilings and walls. Connection of loops and their conclusion to PPKOP through raspayachny or terminal boxes is executed by the KSPV 8h0.5 cable. Fire alarm loops to manual fire detectors shall be lowered in 10x12 electrical duct.

7.5 To ensure the safety of people, the electrical equipment of the fire alarm unit must be reliably grounded (busy) in accordance with the requirements of the PUE and the passport requirements for electrical equipment .

8 Information on organization of production and maintenance of installation works

Installation is recommended in the following sequence:

• laying of cables, their marking;

• installation and connection of detectors;

• installation and connection of fire alarm station.

Installation of equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical documentation of manufacturers.

9 Professional and qualification composition of persons working at the facility for maintenance and operation of fire alarms

To maintain the designed fire alarm system, it is recommended to involve specialized organizations that have licenses for the right to carry out this type of work. The personnel on duty shall be trained in the operating rules of the installed equipment.

10 Health and safety measures

Maintenance of the automatic fire alarm system is allowed for persons who have completed safety training, must have practical skills in operating the equipment and know the safety rules in electrical installations up to 1000 V,

Work shall be carried out by electricians of at least 3 discharges.

Passing the briefing is noted in the journal. Electricians servicing the system shall be provided with protective equipment that has passed the relevant laboratory tests.

All electrical installation works, system maintenance, periodicity and test methods of protective equipment shall be carried out in compliance with the "Rules for technical operation of electrical installations of consumers" and "Safety rules for operation of electrical installations of consumers" of the State Energy Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation.

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