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Design of ATP engine compartment for 258 ZIL-5301 cars

  • Added: 25.01.2019
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The engine repair department was designed for servicing 258 ZIL-5301 cars. The results are as follows: To increase responsibility for the level of technical condition of cars entering the line, control work is carried out in addition to the driver by column mechanics or TOC workers. Control inspections are carried out at the entrance of the car to the ATP. The main volume of UO work falls on UMR. They are carried out, both at dead end posts and on flow lines. Using various washing plants and appliances. A section of the floor of a building or an open section on which a car is installed is called a car seat, which, in turn, depending on their purpose, is divided into the following posts: 1. working 2. retaining or buffer 3. waiting post

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