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Design of a 12-storey residential building from small-sized elements in Belgorod

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List of literature used    

Graph part

Floor Plans


Floor slab diagram

Foundation Plan


Wall Section


Roofing Plan        

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Additional information


General Design Data

Space Planning Solution

Structural solution of the building


Exterior and interior walls



Slabs and coverings. Roof

Windows and doors


Exterior and interior finishes

Design part

External Wall Heat Engineering Calculation

List of literature used                              

1. General Design Data

In this course work, the design of a brick arceless 12-story residential building in Belgorod is considered.

Climatic conditions of the construction area:

Belgorod Construction District

Climatic region II V.

The humidity zone is dry.

Physical, geographical and geological characteristics:

Design outside air temperature (average monthly temperature of the coldest five-day period with coverage of 0.92 months) tn = 24 ˚S

Average temperature of the heating period in which the outside air temperature is less than 8 ° С tot.p = 1.8 ° С

Number of days of heating period with average daily outside air temperature less than 8 ° С Zot.p = 189 days

Space Planning Solution

Characteristics of the construction site

The structural diagram of the building is arceless with transverse and longitudinal bearing walls.

Designed a 12-story residential building of a sectional type. The number of sections is 1. In the designed house, the section consists of 5 apartments: one-, two- and three-room on each floor.

The size of the house in axes is 32.4 m x 14.4 m.

Construction Class I

Degree of durability II

Degree of fire resistance I.

The level of the ground floor is taken as the relative elevation of 0.000.

The height of the building floor is 3 m, the height of the basement room is 2.2 m, the height of the warm attic is 1.79 m.

The elevation of the top of the building is 37.80 m. The ground level is variable.

For vertical communications there are 2 elevators: one cargo

- carrying capacity 1500 kg and one passenger - carrying capacity 400 kg. The elevator engine room is placed on the technical stage.

Since the building is 12-storey, a garbage duct is provided in it. It consists of a barrel with intake valves located on each storey or through the floor - on intermediate platforms; a ventilation shaft with a deflector and a garbage removal chamber that rises above them and goes to the roof.

The first floor of the building is not residential. It has office space .

The typical floor consists of five apartments: one one-room area

41.97 sq.m; three two-room apartments with an area of 55.26 m2 (in the amount of 2) and 79.99 m2, respectively, and one three-room apartment with an area of 95.75 m2. Cleanliness (quality) of air in the premises is designed to comply with ventilation with natural inflow and removal of air. All apartments have a balcony with access from the kitchen, or from the bedroom apartment.

Structural solution of the building

Spatial invariability and rigidity of the building are ensured by attaching prefabricated multi-pillar slabs and coverings, with load-bearing walls using reinforcement outlets. The core of stiffness is a staircase with an elevator shaft.

3. 1 Foundations

For all load-bearing walls of the building there is a strip prefabricated foundation, foundation wall blocks 600 and 400 mm wide. Foundation slabs are provided with width of 1000 and 1400 m, height of 300 mm.

The foundation cushion is arranged on a knockout made of concrete. 7.5, 100 mm thick.

Vertical waterproofing - coating the basement panels from the outside to the level of paving with hot bitumen in 2 times. Horizontal waterproofing of the foundation - cement sand mortar M150. Along the perimeter of the building, concrete paving with a width of 1.0 m with a slope of 5%, paving with asphalt.

3.2 External and internal walls

Outer walls with a thickness of 600 mm consist of an inner layer of ceramic brick with a thickness of 380 mm, an insulation from mineral wool plates with a thickness of 100 mm (according to heat engineering calculations) and an outer layer of facing brick with a thickness of 120 mm.

The inner walls are brick 380 mm thick.


Partitions are installed on floors and serve to divide the interior into rooms.

120 mm thick partitions made of full-white ceramic brick

3.4 Stairs

Ladders - precast reinforced concrete as per GOST 2312078.

Stair Calculation:

The height of the floor is 3.0 m:

the height of the stage is 150 mm, the width is 300 mm.

3.5 Slabs and coverings. Roof

Slabs and coatings - prefabricated multistage slabs according to the 1.1411 series. Seams between slabs clear of building debris and, after

installation of anchors, fill with concrete of grade 150 on fine gravel or crushed stone.

Plates are rigidly sealed in walls by means of anchor fasteners and are fixed to each other by reinforcement bonds. The depth of the support is mainly 120 mm.

For the designed building, a flat roof with an internal organized drain is adopted. For the composition of the roof, see section 1-1 (graph. part).

Windows and doors.

Window blocks are made of polyvinyl chloride profiles with two-chamber double-glazing according to GOST 30674-99.

Doors are accepted according to GOST 30970 - 2002.

3.7 Floors.

Floors in the basement:

Bracing, cl. r-r.- 50 mm, GOST 28013-98

Steam insulation Axton 0, 5 mm, GOST 506704-2015

Bracing c.p.-p.r 100 mm, GOST 28013-98

Compacted soil

Floors in living rooms:

16 mm piece parquet, GOST 862.1-85

Layer on cold mastic, GOST 30693-2000

Bracing, cl. r-p. 40 mm, GOST 28013-98

Soundproofing 4 mm, GOST 23499-2009

Floor slabs - 220 mm, Series 1.141-1

External and internal finishes.

Exterior decoration. The lining of the residential building is made of brick of two colors, as well as using stained glass glazing for balconies. The solution of the facades succinctly fits into the surrounding building and allows you to create an expressive form that works equally in both automobile and pedestrian angles. The use of structures and materials corresponding to the modern level in the design, combined with high-tech construction methods and construction standards, makes it possible to achieve greater expressiveness of volume planning and design solutions, as well as to ensure the required fire hazard of the designed building.

Interior decoration. Walls in hallways and living rooms are plastered and glued with high-quality wallpaper.

In kitchens they are glued with moisture-resistant wallpaper, and over the working surface they are lined with glazed tiles to a height of 0.6 m. In bathrooms they are lined with glazed tiles to the entire height.

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