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Course project on machine parts. Design of chain conveyor drive.

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The archive contains a course project on machine parts

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Additional information


Terms of Reference

Mechanism kinematic diagram

Electric motor selection

Determination of power, speed and torque for each shaft

Design and check calculation of gears

Determining the main parameters of high-speed transmission

Definition of basic parameters of slow-motion transmission

Defining Shaft Diameters

Selection and check of rolling bearings by dynamic lifting capacity

Check calculation of low-speed shaft (most loaded) for fatigue strength and endurance

Calculation of key connections

Selection of couplings

Lubrication of gears and bearings

Gearbox assembly

List of literature

Selection of couplings

To transfer torque from the electric motor shaft to the high-speed shaft and prevent skew of the shaft, select a clutch. The elastic sleeve-ring clutch is most suitable, the torque is transmitted by fingers and elastic sleeves. Its dimensions are standardized and depend on the torque and shaft diameter.

To connect the ends of the slow-moving and drive shaft and transmit torque, use a safety clutch with a collapsing element, which also ensures strict alignment of the shafts and protects the mechanism from overloads. The dimensions of this coupling are selected according to the standard, they depend on the shaft diameter and the amount of torque transmitted.

Gearbox assembly

The radial assembly of the selected gear box design is applicable. Reduction gear case consists of 2 parts with connector in plane of gear wheels axes. Body parts are fixed one relative to another by control pins. This design is characterized by the complexity of machining. Mounting hole for shafts bearings is machined in assembly at body halves connected along pre-machined joint surfaces, or separately in both halves, with subsequent finishing of joint surface.

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