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Course project "Belt conveyor drive shaft"

  • Added: 22.11.2022
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Belt conveyors are continuous machines in which the traction and bearing element is a flexible belt. The main purpose of this equipment is the mechanization of technological processes, an increase in production rates, minimization of costs, and an increase in the overall safety of work.

Project composition- Drawing of the drive shaft of the belt conveyor (A0), report, specification.
A course project on the design of a belt conveyor drive is presented, divided into chapters:

1) Preliminary calculation of the drive;

2) Calculation of closed transmission;

3) Calculation of shaft diameters;

4) Calculation of open transmission;

5) Selection of a standard coupling;

6) Design of the shaft of the actuator.

Graphic part A0 - 1 sheet, note of typewritten text - 48 pages, figures - 18, tables - 9.

Project's Content

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