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Purpose of the drawings: Course project of a 3D model of an office in the Hi-Tech style
Model List: 3D Model of Office with Communications
List of drawings: A1 sheet including façade, section 1-1, second floor plan, interior, 3D view, top view
Contents of the Explanatory Note: Introduction 4
1 Analysis of the pre-project situation 7
1.1 Prerequisites for the emergence of an office of IT companies and their history of development in Russia and abroad. 7
1.2 Basic Style-Forming Elements and Artistic Solutions of the High-Tech Style 8
1.3 Ergonomic and functional requirements in the design of office interiors of IT companies 9
1.4 Analysis of Analogues of Interior Design of IT Companies 12
2 Practical part. Design project of the office of an IT company 17
2.1 Development of the design concept of the office interior. Choice of stylistic and artistic solutions for the interior of the office 17
2.2 Sketch study of the interior design solution 18
Conclusion 31
References 32

Project's Content

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