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Course design Belt conveyor with compass drawings

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Project submitted for evaluation

Project's Content

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Additional information



1 Preliminary calculation of main parameters of conveyor

2 Check calculation of traction force by method of bypass of conveyor loop by points

3 Design calculation of conveyor steel structures

4 Refined test calculation of parts strength

5 Calculation of transportation cost per ton of cargo


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IDO; 2021, 29 p., 10 il., 4 Tables, bibliography. list - 5 pages, 3 sheets of A1 format.

In this course project, the object is a continuous machine, and the purpose of the work is to design a belt conveyor.

The work addresses such tasks as:

- preliminary calculation of conveyor parameters;

- check calculation of traction force by method of bypass of conveyor contour by points;

- design calculation of conveyor steel structures;

- refined check calculation of parts strength;

- calculation of cost of transportation of one ton of cargo.

The graphic part shows the assembly drawing of the designed machine, the assembly unit of complex type, the steel structure drawing.


Lifting and transportation plants have been widely used in all industries. It is difficult to imagine an enterprise in which even the simplest transporting means are not used. According to the principle of action, lifting and transportation machines are divided into two independent structural groups - periodic and continuous machines. The first includes lifting cranes of all types, elevators, floor vehicles (trolleys, loaders, tractors), and other similar machines, and the second (they are also called continuous transport machines and transporting machines) - conveyors of various types, pneumatic and hydraulic transport devices and similar transporting machines.

Continuous machines are characterized by continuous movement of bulk or piece loads along a given route without stops for loading or unloading. At the same time as transporting goods, they can distribute them to given points, store them, accumulating them in specified places, move them according to technological operations and provide the necessary rhythm of the production process.

Conveyors are an integral part of the modern technological process, they set and regulate the pace of production, ensure its rhythm, increase labor productivity and increase product output.

A significant advantage of belt conveyors is the significant productivity.

Belt conveyors can move the weights horizontally or obliquely. The length of the conveyor route is from several meters to kilometers.


During the course project on the subject "Fundamentals of Design," the knowledge gained during the training period was fixed.

The purpose of this work was to design a belt conveyor.

To perform the calculation, the initial data of the project were the transport diagram of the belt conveyor, as well as the capacity, length of the conveyor and operating conditions.

Within the framework of this course project, preliminary calculation of the main parameters of the conveyor was carried out, check calculation of the traction force by the method of bypassing the conveyor contour by points, design calculation of the steel structures of the conveyor, refined check calculation of the strength of the parts and calculation of the cost of transportation of one ton of cargo.

The graphic part contains:

- assembly drawing of the designed machine;

- assembly unit of complex type;

- steel structure drawing.

The set goals and tasks are fulfilled, the designed conveyor meets the set conditions.

Drawings content

icon Металлоконструкция.cdw


icon Ленточный конвейер.cdw

Ленточный конвейер.cdw

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