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Calculation of vertical FP heat exchanger, Drawings

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Course project. Drawing, Explanatory Note, Bill of Materials

Project's Content

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Additional information



1. Heater Thermal Calculation

2. Hydraulic calculation of preheater

3. Mechanical calculation of heater


List of literature used



To consolidate theoretical knowledge on the course "Heat and mass exchange" a course work was carried out: "Calculation of a steam-water heater"

In the design calculation of the heat exchanger, 3 tasks were solved:

1. thermal;

2. hydraulic;

3. mechanical.

In the thermal calculation, the following were determined: physical parameters of water and water vapor; average logarithmic temperature difference: for the first zone, for the second zone; amount of heat transferred by steam to water for two heat exchange zones Q = 14485.16 kW; steam mass flow Dp = 6.73 kg/s; Heat transfer factors: for water, for steam; heat transfer coefficient: for the first zone: for the first zone:, for the second zone, the heating surface was F = 90 m2. Total number of tubes n = 301 pcs, their length L = 3 m.

The hydraulic calculation determined: the full head necessary for the movement of water through the apparatus, which amounted to, as well as the power necessary for the movement of water through the heater N = 0.36 kW, the dimensions of the nozzles: for water: Fpat = 0.05 m2, dpat = 0.25 m, for steam inlet: Fpat = 0.07 m2, dpat = 0.23 m, for condensate output: Fpat = 0.002 m2, dpat = 0.05 m, for air pumping: Fpat = 0.0003 m2, dpat = 0.02 m.

In the mechanical calculation for strength, the following were determined:

design pressure Pp = 11.1 MPa

number of bolts z = 30 pcs, their diameters db = 18 mm

flange height h = 55 mm

design force on bolt Rb = 70 kN

Drawings content

icon Вертикальный теплообменник.frw

Вертикальный теплообменник.frw

icon График ТМО.frw

График ТМО.frw

icon Спецификация.cdw

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