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Calculation and graphic work on the topic: "Calculation of a mechanical drive with a cylindrical single-stage reduction gear"

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Calculation and graphic work on the topic: "Calculation of a mechanical drive with a cylindrical single-stage reduction gear."

Graphics: Gearbox drawing in COMPASS 3D v. 18 graphics environment with specification.

Calculation part: A document in the Microsoft Office Word 2016 environment, all formulas are entered manually in the equation editor (allows you to edit them with the appropriate version of the word).

Input: Diagram (electric motor - flat-belt transmission - gearbox)

Output shaft power 3 kW; Output shaft rotation frequency 4n (four pi).

Tyumen, TIU, IT, 2019

Project's Content

icon Редуктор, ГЧ.cdw
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Additional information



Technical Assignment for Calculation and Graphic Work

1. Mechanical drive kinematic calculation

2. Calculation of cylindrical transmission of closed type

2.1. Gearing Design Calculation

2.2. Check calculation of transmission by contact voltages

2.3. Geometric transmission parameters

2.4. Additional check of bending stress transmission

2.5. Forces acting in gear engagement

3. Estimated Shaft Calculation

4. Approximate selection of bearings for gearbox sketch layout

5. Gearbox Sketch Layout

6. Check calculation of low-speed shaft

7. Calculation of rolling bearings for durability

8. Test calculations of key joints for strength

9. Calculation of flat-time transmission

10. Selection of gearbox lubrication system

11. Select fits to assemble gear box parts


5. Gearbox Sketch Layout

The purpose is to develop the design scheme necessary for the performance of check calculations of shafts, key joints, bearings .

Gearbox general view drawing (sketch layout) sets the position of gearbox pair wheels relative to supports (bearings). The drawing allows you to determine the location of the points of application of forces in the engagement of the reduction gear, open gears, couplings and reactions of supports. The drawing is made in accordance with the requirements of the ESKD on millimeter paper of at least A3 format with a pencil.,

Drawings content

icon Редуктор, ГЧ.cdw

Редуктор, ГЧ.cdw

icon Спец. редуктор, ГЧ.spw

Спец. редуктор, ГЧ.spw
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