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Belt conveyor drive - drawings and calculation

  • Added: 28.03.2022
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Full drive calculation: electric motor selection, kinematic and power drive calculation; strength calculation  of gearbox, open gear, shafts, keyholes; selection and inspection of bearings, couplings; selection and calculation of the lubrication system. 

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Terms of Reference



1. Motor selection and kinematic calculation

2. Gearbox Gear Calculation

3. Calculation of chain transmission

4. Preliminary Shaft Calculation

5. Gear Design Dimensions

6. Gearbox housing structural dimensions

7. First stage of gearbox sketching

8. Bearing durability check

9. Test of key joints strength

10. Refined Shaft Calculation

11. Selection of gearbox main parts fits

12. Second stage of gearbox sketching

13. Choice of oil grade

14. Coupling selection


List of literature


A reduction gear is a mechanism consisting of gear or worm gears, made in the form of a separate unit and serving to transfer power from the engine to the working machine. The purpose of the reduction gear is to reduce the angular speed and increase the rotational torque of the driven shaft compared to the driving shaft. The reduction gear consists of a housing in which the transmission elements are placed - gear wheels, shafts, bearings, etc.

Most often, cylindrical and conical gears with straight and oblique teeth are used. In addition to these gears, screw gears and gears with chevron and curvilinear teeth are used.

Advantages of gears.

Constant gear ratio

High load capacity

High efficiency (0.96 sound 0.99)

Small dimensions

5. Great durability, strength, reliability.

In this course design, it is necessary to develop the drive of the chain bucket elevator according to the given kinematic scheme. It includes electric motor connected by means of elastic coupling to high-speed shaft of cylindrical single-stage reduction gear. Open chain drive connects slow-moving shaft of reduction gear with output shaft of drive.

The design of the drive is based on the technical specification, which contains the purpose and main characteristics of the mechanism. It is necessary to develop gearbox and drive assembly drawings, specifications for them, detailed drawings of three main parts, as well as to issue a calculation and explanatory note.

Second stage of gearbox sketching

The second stage of the arrangement is aimed at structurally designing gears, shafts, housing, bearing units and preparing data for checking the strength of shafts and some other parts.

Draw the gear and wheel according to the structural dimensions found earlier. Gear is made integral with shaft.

We construct the drive shaft assembly:

a) draw rolling bearings at the distances defined in the first layout in section (one half of the bearing can be drawn, and dimensions can be applied for the second half);

b) draw bearing covers with sealing gaskets (1 mm thick) and bolts.

Felt and felt seals are mainly used in units filled with plastic grease. Cuff-type seals are widely used in both plastic and liquid lubricants.

c) the transition of the shaft stage under the bearing with a diameter of 30 mm to the connecting end with a diameter of 25 mm is carried out at a distance of 8 mm from the end of the bearing cover so that the coupling hub does not grip the heads of the cover attachment bolts.

Similarly, we construct a driven shaft assembly. Note the following feature: to fix the gear wheel in the axial direction, we provide a shaft collar on one side and the installation of a spacer sleeve on the other.

On the driving and driven shafts we use prismatic keys with rounded ends as per GOST 2336078. Draw keys, taking their length 5-10 mm less than the lengths of the hubs.


In this course design, a chain bucket elevator drive is designed, consisting of an electric motor connected by means of an elastic coupling to a high-speed shaft of a single-stage horizontal cylindrical helical reduction gear; and chain open transmission. Driven sprocket of chain drive is located on output shaft of drive. Energy kinematic calculation was made, the engine was chosen, cylindrical and chain gears were calculated, shafts and a reduction gear box housing were designed. Tested for transmission strength, shafts and keys, as well as bearings for durability. Lubricant method and lubricant are selected.

Assembly drawings of reduction gear and drive with specification, as well as working drawings of gear wheel, coupled shaft and bearing unit cover are made.

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