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Accessory for nozzle disassembly

  • Added: 12.04.2018
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The developed design of the accessory is intended for attachment of fuel nozzles during their disassembly. The accessory is a hand-held clutch that is attached to a table or a locksmith. The need to use such a device is due to the fact that when the main nut of the fuel nozzle is unscrewed, it is necessary to apply a significant force by clamping the nozzle in normal clutches, it can be damaged. Accessory consists of housing 1, which is fixed on table or locksmith. The body is welded, consists of several parts: two posts and a mounting plate. Pin 2 is used to fix the fuel nozzle in axial movement. Nozzle is clamped by movable clamp 3, studs 4 and nuts 5. Rules of operation and maintenance. - when working with the extractor, only persons who have undergone safety training are allowed; - use the accessory only for fuel nozzle repair; - avoid nozzle skew during operation; - periodically monitor the condition of all threaded joints and welds; - replace them if faulty parts are detected; In the vast majority of cases, the nozzles are directly screwed into the head body of the unit. To unscrew them, you should not even try to use horn keys. Even if this succeeds without damaging the nozzle, then turning them back is doomed to failure. You cannot tighten the nozzle with the specified torque. The vast majority of nozzles have a hexagon on 24 or on 27 and standard elongated end heads are quite suitable for their unscrewing. More convenient for these works should be considered twelve-game heads, which are somewhat more convenient in cramped conditions of the hood. If it is impossible to buy elongated heads, you can get out of position by cutting off its hexagonal part from the usual head and welding it to the pipe section from one end and from the other the mating part for the wrench. That's the whole problem. It is necessary to unscrew the nozzles not immediately, but first slightly shaken in the thread after straying. It is necessary to do this precisely so that the thread in the head or the head itself is not damaged by a stroke if dirt was introduced into the channel during previous invasions.

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