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Complete set of drawings and documentation for 9 storeys residential building

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Complete set of drawings and documentation for thesis.

Project's Content

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Additional information




1. Feasibility Study for Design Option Selection

1.1 General provisions

1.2 Calculation of estimated cost of construction and installation works

1.3 Calculation of capital investments for the purchase of construction equipment

1.4 Characteristics of the main design solutions

2. Architectural and construction section

2.1 General part

2.2 General characteristics of the building

2.3 Space planning solutions

2.3.1 Foundations

2.3.2 Exterior walls

2.3.3 Exterior Finishes

2.3.4. Partitions

2.3.5 Floors and coverings

2.3.6 Interior Finishes

2.3.7 Floors

2.3.8 Windows and doors

2.3.9 Kitchens

2.3.10 Bathrooms and sanitary units

2.3.11 Stairwell

2.3.12 Elevators

2.3.13 Heating

2.3.14 Water supply

2.3.15 Sewerage

2.3.16 Power supply

2.3.17 Garbage duct

2.4 Technical and economic indicators

2.5 Climatic characteristics of Orel

2.6 Heat Engineering Calculation

2.6.1 General provisions

2.6.2 Outer Wall Calculation

2.6.3 Calculation of thickness of attic insulation

2.6.4 Determination of heat absorption index of floor surface

2.7 Development Master Plan Decision

3. Design Section

3.1 Calculation of reinforced concrete strip pedestals of pile foundations

3.1.1 Calculation of reinforced concrete strip pedestals of pile foundations for external walls

3.1.2 Calculation of transverse rods

3.1.3 Calculation for push-through

3.2.1 Calculation of reinforced concrete strip pedestals of pile foundations for internal walls

3.2.2 Calculation of transverse rods

3.2.3 Calculation for push-through

3.3.1 Calculation of precast reinforced concrete march

3.3.2 Determination of loads and forces

3.3.3 Preliminary assignment of dimensions of the cross section of the march

3.3.4 Calculation of inclined section for transverse force

3.4.1. Calculation of reinforced concrete slab

3.4.2. Define Loads

3.4.3 Calculation of the plate shelf

3.4.4 Calculation of frontal edge

3.4.5 Calculation of inclined cross section of frontal rib for transverse force

3.5 Calculation of multi-stop slab

3.5.1 Calculation by limit states of the first group

3.5.2 Calculation of multi-stop plate by limit states of the second group

3.5.3 Pre-stress loss of valves

3.5.4 Calculation by crack formation,

normal to longitudinal axis

3.5.5 Calculation of plate deflection

4. Foundations and foundations

4.1 General provisions

4.2 Engineering and geological conditions of the construction site

4.3 Measures to reduce deformations due to frost straining forces

4.4 Measures for the period of operation of buildings and structures for soil protection based on excess water saturation

4.5 Technical Instructions for Construction of Pile Foundations

4.6 The solution and geo-ecological approach to the problem of the adjacent foundations are applied

5. Construction production technology

5.1 General provisions

5.2 Earthworks

5.3 Piling Procedure

5.4 Technology of erection of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete pile

5.5 Safety precautions during works

5.6 Reinforcement of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete pile

5.7 Concreting

5.8 Concrete mix supply and distribution equipment

5.9 Laying of concrete mixture

5.10 Quality control and acceptance of works

5.11 Compaction of concrete mixture

5.12 Features of concrete works at negative temperatures

5.13 Installation of wall foundation blocks

5.14 Layered masonry

5.15 Floor slabs

5.16 Installation works

5.17 Stone works

5.18 Roof

5.19 Requirements for roofing

5.20 Insulation Layer Requirements

5.21 Operational quality control of construction works

5.22 Determination of crane parameters

6. Economy and organization of construction

6.1 Determination of estimated construction cost

6.2 Determination of estimated cost in local and object estimates

7. Occupational and environmental protection

7.1 Analysis of hazardous and harmful factors

7.2 Safety features during construction

7.3 Occupational safety of excavator drivers

7.3.1 Safety requirements before starting operation

7.3.2 Safety requirements during operation

7.3.3 Safety requirements in emergency situations

7.3.4 Safety requirements upon completion of operation

7.4 Occupational safety of masons

7.4.1 Safety requirements before starting operation

7.4.2 Safety requirements during operation

7.4.3 Safety requirements in emergency situations

7.4.4 Safety requirements upon completion of operation

7.5 Ensuring fire safety

7.6 Environmental protection measures

7.7. Lighting Calculation

7.7.1. Temporary lighting

7.7.2 Calculation of searchlight of the construction site

7.7.3 Calculation of searchlight of construction area by method of light flux

7.7.4 Calculation of site searchlight by specific power method


The housing problem was and remains one of the most important problems for the Russian Federation and the Oryol region in particular. The only correct way to overcome the real problem is the intensive construction of multi-storey residential buildings .

Construction, being a material-intensive, labour-intensive, capital-intensive, energy-intensive and knowledge-intensive production, contains a solution to many local and global problems, from social to environmental.

Construction organizations have an urgent need for large volumes of construction and installation work involving free labor resources, especially from among unemployed citizens.

In connection with the aggravated environmental problems, it is extremely important to use the natural conditions of the construction site as rationally as possible.

A diploma project on the topic: "The project of a residential 9-storey building at different levels in Orel" reveals the possibilities of designing buildings that are most rationally inscribed in natural conditions .

Geoecological construction proposes and justifies the incorporation of building foundations into the natural geological environment, without disturbing the general ecosystem and thereby aims to preserve natural landscapes and differs from the traditional incorporation of engineering structural systems into the geomorphological environment of the construction site. This predetermines the mass transfer system of the erected structure to the geoecological environment.

In addition, this favors and ensures the geoecological protection of the base and contributes to the rational development of underground space.

The problems raised in this diploma project were covered by the author in scientific papers in 1999 and 2000 .


The diploma project on the topic: "The project of a residential 9-storey building at different levels in Orel" is presented in the form of a graphic part and an explanatory note. The graphic part consists of 14 sheets, including: feasibility study, master plan, facades, standard floor plans, section, fragments of the 1st floor plan, pile plan, foundation sections, work flow diagrams, construction plan.

The calculation and explanatory note reflects issues on architecture, structures, foundations and foundations, technology of construction production, economics and organization of construction, as well as issues of labor and environmental protection.

Drawings content

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