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5-storey brick house

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A set of drawings and documentation for coursework.

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. Section IV - Job Instruction for Frame Installation

1.1 BOQ as per Job Instruction

1.2 Calculation of labor costs

1.3 Selection of crane and main machines

1.4 Calculation or selection of brigade composition

1.5 Statement of requirements for core logistics resources

1.6 Instructions for performance of works

1.7 Tolerances, quality control

1.8 Safety Instructions

1.9 Calculation of technical and economic indicators

2. Section V - Schedule

2.1 List of Scope of Work

2.2 Machine Time Labor Cost Sheet and Structural and Product Material Requirements

2.3 Probability of need for basic machines

2.4 Methods of works execution

2.5 Brief description of main types of works

2.6 Calculation of technical and economic indicators

3. Section III - Construction General Plan

3.1 Description of Construction Plan

3.2 Calculation of storage rooms, temporary buildings, calculation of temporary water supply and electricity

3.3 Measures for environmental protection, labor protection, fire protection

Source Data

Project theme: block - middle storey sections with brick walls, block - private 4-storey section 11-apartment (for construction in the Ural zone of Russia)

Construction area: Yekaterinburg

Soil: loam

Internal air temperature: + 18 ° С

Outdoor temperature: 37 ° С

Wind load: 0.3

Snow load (design) - 1.8 kPa

Durability - 2

Degree of fire resistance - 2

Building Class II

The building is brick, flooring and covering of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs, tile roofing.

Engineering equipment

Water supply: domestic drinking water supply, design head at the base of risers 18m

Sewerage: household in the city network

Heating: central water with coolant parameters 9570 ° С

Gas supply from external network

Ventilation: natural

Hot water supply: from external network, design head at the base of risers 18m

Power supply: from external mains, voltage 380/220V

Lighting: filament lamps

Communication device: radio broadcasting, telephone, television antenna

Equipping the building

Kitchen and bathroom equipment - electric stoves, washes, toilets, baths, washbasins .

Brief description of structural

building elements

Foundations - strip of prefabricated blocks and foundation slabs

Walls - brick, thickness 640mm; 380 mm

Jumpers - prefabricated reinforced concrete

Floors - prefabricated reinforced concrete floor panels (slabs) with circular voids

Stairs - prefabricated reinforced concrete marches, platforms

Roof - rafter, sloping, not combined

Partitions - brick in ½ brick

Loggia fences - brick

Floors - ceramic tiles, plank parquet

Windows - metal plastic with triple glazing on individual order

Doors - wooden blind series DG219, metal plastic by individual order

Interior decoration - plastering of walls followed by pasting with wallpaper, ceramic tiles

External decoration - plastering of the basement and fencing of loggia with subsequent painting

Building spatial stiffness

Spatial rigidity of the building is provided by the supporting frame, behind

due to the transverse structural walls and the rigid fixation of the slabs;

coatings. Structural walls stiffness is ensured by brick dressing


Drawings content

icon 1 лист.cdw

1 лист.cdw

icon 2 лист блок - секция.cdw

2 лист блок - секция.cdw

icon Титульник.cdw


icon Чертеж лист 1.cdw

Чертеж лист 1.cdw

icon Чертеж лист 2.cdw

Чертеж лист 2.cdw

icon Чертеж лист 3.cdw

Чертеж лист 3.cdw
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