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100-seat sleeping room with attached club

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Course project on architecture (for architects-designers) of students of construction universities specializing in PGS.Plana, sections, facade, roof plans, general plan, foundation plan, explication, structural units

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. Introduction

2. Source Data

3. Master Plan

4. Volumetric planning solution

5. Constructive solution

6. Heat Engineering Calculation

7. Exterior and interior finishes

8. List of used literature

1. Introduction.

The mass construction of residential and public buildings is inconceivable without the widespread development of industrial construction methods and the use of full-assembly structures. Projects intended for implementation in mass construction should fully meet modern functional and aesthetic requirements and ensure cost-effectiveness of construction due to the wide use of progressive volume-planning and structural solutions, as well as the maximum use of large-sized elements.

This explanatory note is a necessary part of the course project designed to develop the basic principles of civil building design using standard prefabricated structures by future civil engineers. It contains the main supporting materials and provisions for the development of the course project.

5. Constructive solution.

When choosing the structures of the building under construction, as a rule, they are based on the use of the most efficient technologies for the construction of panel and frame buildings, which leads to a reduction in the construction period, an increase in the productivity and efficiency of construction.

The designed building has 2 structural solutions:

1. For a residential block - large-panel with transverse and longitudinal bearing walls with a small pitch, external walls - bearing.

2. The public unit has a frame panel structural scheme.

Foundations are provided for:

1. In the residential building - tape from large panels, laying depth - -2.790 m;

2. In the public block - glass-type prefabricated buildings;

[The drawing of the foundation plan is given in Annex 1]

Vertical waterproofing of the basement walls - coating with hot bitumen in 2 times.

External walls - bearing, three-layer with flexible bonds, 350 mm thick, with insulation - foam PCB1,.

Internal load-bearing walls - prefabricated reinforced concrete panels 160 mm thick, 1 floor high.

Partitions are made of gypsum concrete.

Columns have a section of 400 * 400. Girders - a T-section with a shelf down for resting floor slabs. The height of the girders is 450 mm. The joint of the crossbar with the column is solved with a hidden console and welding to the embedded part of the column console .

Slabs are represented by slabs, reinforced concrete, 220 mm high, laid on the shelves of girders for a common building and 160 mm for a residential building [the drawing of the slab and coating plan is given in Appendix 2].

The staircase is prefabricated reinforced concrete with a ten-step and sixteen-step march 1350 mm wide, 4-step along the cosors.

The roof is made of rolled material on bitumen mastic - "Uniflex." A cold attic and an internal drain are arranged in the building.

The load-bearing frame in the annex consists of columns, girders and reinforced concrete multistage slabs laid on the girders with a thickness of 220 mm. You fillet a frame panel extension in brickwork. Deformation seam is made between residential building and extension. The roof of the frame-panel extension is attic of an unvented type.

7. External and internal finishes.

An important feature of public buildings is their architectural and artistic solution. The architectural expressiveness of the facade of the designed building is given by the use of modern finishing methods using high-quality building materials, generally accepted technologies of European standards.

The outer walls are paved, rented and painted with facade water-emulsion compositions.

The interior decoration of the apartments is designed to give the residents the maximum comfort. The ceilings of the rooms are painted with emulsion paints, glued with ceiling tiles. The walls are glued with wallpaper for painting with hard vinyl. Parquet floors, with the exception of utility rooms where the linoleum is laid. Finishing of inter-apartment corridors is made of PVC panels. The stairwell is painted with oil colors of light tones.

The finish of the pharmacy consists in the application of textured plaster on the walls, ceramic tiles are laid on the floor, suspended ceilings are arranged on the ceilings. Daylight lamps are installed. Doors from PVC profile are installed at the entrance to the pharmacy. The staff room is finished with liquid wallpaper.

Drawings content

icon Спальный корпус на 100 мест с пристроенным клубом.dwg

Спальный корпус на 100 мест с пристроенным клубом.dwg
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