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YaMZ-239 Nine-step gearbox

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The nine-step gearbox transmitted by the YaMZ-239 is placed on the MAZ 4370 car, in early work the gearbox is designed for the MAZ-5336 car according to its technical specifications, there are drawings with sections, a planetary demultiplicator is used in this box.

Project's Content

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icon Cпецификация .cdw.spw
icon Девятиступка-Записка МАЗ 5336.docx
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Additional information




1 Overview of truck transmission designs

2 Description of the accepted design, operation and adjustments of the designed unit

3 Calculation of the designed assembly and its elements

3.1 Selection of gear ratios of gearbox

3.2 Selection of basic parameters and dimensions of gearbox

3.3 Calculation of gearbox gears (one pair)

3.3.1 Fatigue calculation by contact stresses

3.3.2 Bending Stress Endurance Calculation

3.3.3 Calculation of gear wheels for endurance

3.4 Calculation of gearbox bearings (one shaft)


List of sources used


The purpose of this course project is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained in the study of the discipline "Car Design" by designing a gearbox for a heavy-duty car.

The technical characteristics of the car MAZ5336 are used as the initial data for designing the gearbox of a heavy truck.

Drawings content

icon Cпецификация .cdw.spw

Cпецификация .cdw.spw

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