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Welding rotator

  • Added: 25.05.2023
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For the manufacture of welded structures of high quality, the correct assembly of the parts of the welded product is required, i.e. correct mutual installation and fastening.

To reduce the complexity of the flywheel manufacturing process, assembly and welding are proposed to be performed using a universal rotator-positioner RT-15K.

A series of PT positioners is designed for welding circumferential seams of bodies of rotation, positioning welded structures in positions convenient for welding without the use of lifting and transport equipment and labor. The design of the PT series positioners guarantees safe operation and long-term trouble-free operation.

Universal rotator RT-15Kdesigned to install products in a convenient position for welding and rotate them at welding speed with automatic welding of circumferential seams.

Table 5 - Technical characteristics of RT-15K

Parameter nameMeaning
Carrying capacity, kg1000
Mains voltage, V380
Faceplate diameter, mm1750
Faceplate rotation speed, rpm0,01-0,25
T-slot for bolt dimensions, M30
Maximum angle of inclination of the faceplate, deg135
Faceplate diameter, mm1750
Tilt speed, s90
Power consumption, kW5,6
Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH)2000x1700x1650
Weight, kg5300


Features of the PT-15K welding rotator - positioner:

  • Designed for circumferential and longitudinal seams of products of any configuration;
  • has a cast faceplate, on which a 3-jaw quick-clamping chuck can be installed (option);
  • smooth adjustment of the rotation speed in a wide range;
  • digital indication of rotation speed with preset;
  • the support structure of the manipulator is stable, does not require additional fastening;
  • remote control is possible;
  • has the ability to rotate the table (faceplate) by 360 degrees and its inclination by 135 degrees;
  • protection against high-frequency interference;
  • table with T-shaped slots, guides and through holes;
  • variable frequency alternating current drive for rotation;
  • tilting the table using an AC motor;
  • Worm and gear reducers ensure minimal faceplate play and reliable uninterrupted operation of the positioner.
  • maintenance-free current supply system to the workpiece;
  • there is an AD type table with adjustable height;
  • Typical forward-stop-backward control with variable speed

The rotator is also used to rotate products at cruising speed and install them in a comfortable position for semi-automatic and manual welding. And for other works that require turning or edging products.


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