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STO VAZ for 5 posts

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The archive contains general view drawings, layout plans, calculations

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. Annotation in Russian

2.Annotation in English

3. Introduction

4. Basis of operating modes and determination of time funds

5. Definition of Scope of Work

6. Determination of the nomenclature of sites and branches of the enterprise

7. Calculation of the number of personnel

8. Calculation of production, auxiliary and administrative premises

9. Rationale, calculation and description of planning solutions

10. Calculation and selection of process equipment

11. Calculation of energy costs of the enterprise

12. Conclusion

13. List of used literature

14. Applications


In this course work, the design of STO for VAZ cars is considered. In the course work, calculations were made of the operating modes of the enterprise, the number of workers by areas, production and auxiliary areas, the calculation and selection of technological equipment in the engine repair area, and the calculation of energy costs. The volume of the course is 20 pages.


One of the most effective reserves of increasing the car fleet is car repair, therefore, its development and improvement in our country is paid great attention.

The main areas of further development of automotive repair production should be considered:

1) expansion of the network of the maintenance station (STO) in order to fully meet the needs for repair, taking into account the prospects for the development and deployment of production forces;

2) increasing the degree of concentration of car repair production to the level that ensures minimum repair costs;

3) deepening of specialization in order to improve the quality of repair work with the highest labor productivity and the most complete use of equipment;

4) introduction of progressive technological processes of repair, ensuring along with improvement of quality reduction of production resources costs;

5) increasing the technical armament of car repair production, by equipping it with sufficient progressive equipment.

From a technical point of view, repair of machines is an objective necessity. Only thanks to repairs is it possible to maintain the existence of the machine until the average life expectancy expires.


As a result of this coursework, calculations were carried out on the topic "Design of STR for VAZ" and the following conclusions can be drawn

the annual scope of work at the STO was 20,700 people, therefore the total number of employees was 15 people. The total area of ​ ​ the enterprise was 270 m2. The labor intensity of the work on the maintenance site in full was 7607.25 people. The annual electricity demand of 22124 kW was also calculated.

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icon СТО ВАЗ на 5 постов.cdw

СТО ВАЗ на 5 постов.cdw
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