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Pulley pulley of G130 generator of ZIL-130 car

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There are some parts and specification

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Additional information

Description of the accessory

Accessories are auxiliary devices used to perform machining, disassembly-assembly or inspection operations.

The utility of the device is that its application will increase labor productivity, reduce cost and improve the quality of work, simplify and accelerate production, improve working conditions and safety.

The maintenance and maintenance work in ATP is still little mechanized, the specific gravity of manual work is still very large.

In many cases, the performance of work without special devices leads to a preliminary failure of the parts, a reduction in their service life, a deterioration in the operation of the unit and unit.

Depending on the purpose of the fixture, you can divide it into the following groups:

machine tools - designed for installation and fixation of parts on various machines;

disassembling and assembly - designed for disassembly of units, mechanisms, units of cars;

devices for installation and fixation of working tools;

control - designed to monitor parts after or during machining, as well as to check the correctness of assembly of units, mechanisms and assemblies;

devices for gripping and moving parts, units and units. For example, various contactors for turning and transporting engines during disassembly.

According to the degree of specialization, devices are divided into universal, specialized and special.

Universal devices include devices designed to install and attach parts that are different in shape and size.

Specialized devices are made on the basis of universal devices. They have additional or mixed adjustment devices consisting of mounting elements and clamping units. These devices can be easily reconfigured for operations and are therefore useful in repetitive production.

According to the degree of mechanization and automation, the devices are divided into manual, mechanized, semi-automatic and automatic.

In car repair production, various types of devices are used:








Often, when cars work on the line, various faults of certain parts occur. These faults are eliminated at TO1, TO-2 zones posts, as well as in the TR zone or in production departments.

When repairing units and devices of electrical equipment, their disassembly is sometimes required. Manual disassembly is very time-consuming, so they use different devices.

In particular, when repairing the ZIL130 generator, various devices are also needed.

One of these devices when disassembling the generator is a puller. It serves to remove the pulley of G130 generator of ZIL130 car. It is very comfortable and practical in operation, small size. This puller can eliminate all difficulties in removing the generator pulley.

This specialized device based on a universal one with a manual screw drive is always not replaced in this work. The puller consists of the following main parts:





extractor screw;


12) tightening screws.

The principle of operation of this filmmaker is as follows:

1) remove the screw of brace (12) until the grip (1) assumes free position;

2) turn wrench (6) to the left, remove screw (5) and put nozzle (3) on it;

3) install grips (1) of extractor by pulley of generator between partitions and, holding grip (1) with your hand, turn screw (12) of brace (2) until stop so that grip (1) fits tightly to pulley of generator;

4) screw of extractor (5), turning to the right of gate (6), rest against the end of armature shaft;

5) when the screw of the extractor 5 rotates, the nozzle 3 will press into the end of the armature shaft and create a reverse opposite force and under the influence of this force the pulley will be removed.

Since the extractor screw, which is moved manually by cranking it, the force that needs to twist it, should not exceed the standard values ​ ​ (2-5 kg; ≈ 2050 N).

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icon Съемник зил-130.cdw

Съемник зил-130.cdw

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