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PLN-3-35 plough

  • Added: 03.05.2017
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Plow plow PLN-3-35 plow flattened hinged three-hull. PLN-3-35 refers to a series of unified plows and is designed for dump plowing with a specific resistance of up to 0.088 MPa to a depth of up to 30 cm in an aggregate with tractors of class 1.4, the width of the plow grip is 1.05 m. The capacity of clean work is up to 1.1 ha/h. Depending on the resistivity of the soil, the depth of plowing and the presence of tractors in the farm, it can be converted by PLN-3-30 and then the grip width will be 0.9 m. High-speed hulls can be installed on the plow to ensure plowing in accordance with agricultural requirements at speeds of 9-12 km/h. The plough is equipped with a harrow fixture and automatic coupler

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