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Planetary gear box

  • Added: 03.12.2015
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Complete set of drawings with note and specifications

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Additional information

Some gearbox features

14.1. The main elements of the reduction gear are located inside the crown wheel pressed into the housing; as a result, all parts are mounted in the axial direction. Housing is made integral with one cover on the side of high-speed shaft. Bore for bearings at stop - through cover to housing wall.

14.2. Crown wheel is pressed to rest against body, pressed by cover and secured by locking screw.

14.3. Oil level is controlled through two control plugs. To fill the housing with oil, a hole for perfume is used, for drain - an oil discharge hole closed by a plug.

14.4. Reduction gear is installed on paws cast together with housing. One load screw (eye-bolt) is provided for transportation of reduction gear box. All dimensions of the housing elements are defined in accordance with the recommendations.

14.5 Fits as per GOST 2534782 are assigned in accordance with instructions

[13 p. 14 and 9 p. 263].

Seat the gear wheel on the shaft H7/p6.

Journals of shafts for bearings are made with deviation of shaft k6.

Deviations of openings in the case under external rings of bearings on H7.

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