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Nitrator-dozer for the process of pre-nitration of the calculated cellulose attachment with the working acid mixture

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The nitrator-dozer (Figure 9) is designed to carry out the process of preliminary nitration of the calculated cellulose attachment with a working acid mixture (RCS). In this case, the nitration module equal to 30 is maintained. Four nitrator-dozers work sequentially in the work, creating continuity of the nitration process.

The nitrator-dozer is a volumetric apparatus with two blade agitators 7. The device is made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т. The drive of the apparatus consists of an asynchronous AC motor that drives a worm gearbox-fork 4, which simultaneously rotates both blade agitators of the apparatus located inside the housing 1. The drive of the device is installed on the cover 2. There is a bracket 3 above the cover. Inside the apparatus there is an irrigation pipe 5 for pouring into the RKS apparatus. The paddle agitators 7 are mounted on vertical shafts 6. The device has supports for installation. In the conical bottom there is a drain pipe for draining the suspension obtained as a result of nitration (nitrocellulose (NC) and spent RKS). A cellulose attachment intended for nitration is loaded into the apparatus through the loading hatch 8.

The work of the nitrator-dispenser is carried out as follows.

Cellulose intended for nitration (grade RB or HC) enters the cellulose dispenser hopper, from which the screw is fed into the loading hatch ND-3. The working acid mixture of a certain composition is pre-cooled in the shell and tube heat exchanger to a predetermined temperature before being fed into the nitrator-dozer. The nitration process begins with the RKS bay into the apparatus with the trigger valve closed. When the level of the lower blades of the agitators is reached, the agitators are turned on, and the loading of the calculated cellulose attachment begins with a continuous supply of RKS to ND-3.

The sequence of operations for loading cellulose, filling the RKS in ND-3 and unloading the mass from ND-3 is carried out using a command-electro-pneumatic device (KEPP) or manually. At the same time, periodically (once a shift), the average cellulose attachment is calculated, the value of which should not differ from the specified by more than 6%. The completeness of filling the apparatus is determined by the level. At the end of the set nitration time, the discharge valve opens, and the mass of ND-3 with the stirrers operating is discharged into the apparatus of continuous catch of waste acids (NUOC). Complete removal of the mass at the end of the drain is carried out by feeding the RKS to wash it off.

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