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Erection of foundations from cast-in-situ reinforced concrete

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Erection of Pz building foundation and all drawings

Project's Content

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Source Data

Select the shape of the earth structure

Define Scope of Work

3.1 Cut of soil of vegetable layer

3.2 Pit Development

3.3 Grinding of soil damage

3.4. Calculation of the scope of works for the construction of foundations

3.5. Installation of valves

4. Selection of a set of machines for earthworks

4.1. Set of machines for soil development and transportation

4.2. Selection of a machine for cutting the soil of the vegetable layer and grinding the bottom of the pit

5. Design of Foundation Works

5.1. Selection of formwork for erection of monolithic foundation

5.2.Project formwork

5.3.Select a set of machines for feeding and laying concrete mixture

5.3.1. Self-propelled crane and propellant mixer

5.3.2. Auto-concrete pump and auto-concrete mixers (second option)

5.3.3. Choose the most cost-effective option

6. Selection of caterpillar crane for concrete mix supply, formwork lifting and reinforcement

7. Determination of labour intensity of works

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Modern construction production is characterized by an increase in the share of monolithic concrete. It is especially effective in erecting foundations for industrial and civil buildings, technological equipment, and various engineering structures. Therefore, the development in the course project of effective technology of monolithic concrete, the use of high-performance machines, progressive methods of organizing construction and work are the main tasks. Structures made of cast-in-situ concrete require less consumption of reinforcement, less energy costs, and also lead to a decrease in the cost of creating a production base. Construction of monolithic foundations is a complex process consisting of the following types of works:

Formwork, which includes fabrication, transportation, installation and disassembly of formwork;

Reinforcement works, including reinforcement harvesting, its transportation, installation in formwork;

Concrete works including concrete mix preparation, transportation, laying, compaction, concrete care.

This course project was completed on the basis of a task issued by the Department of Construction Production Technologies.

Selection of a machine for cutting the soil of the vegetable layer and grinding the bottom

Depending on the range of soil transportation (L = 27m), it is advisable to take a bulldozer on a tractor with an engine power of more than 55kW (75 hp). Let's accept DZ29 brand bulldozer (on §Е2122 ENiR t.1 sb.2 the issue 1) which parameters:

Power - 55 kW (75 hp)

Tractor brand DT-75

Weight of bulldozer equipment - 0.85 t

Type of dump - non-rotating

Dump length - 2.56 m

Dump height 0.8 m

Control - Hydraulic

Drawings content

icon 1 рисунок тсп мой.frw

1 рисунок тсп мой.frw

icon Мое Чертеж.cdw

Мое Чертеж.cdw

icon рис 2.frw

рис 2.frw

icon рис 3.frw

рис 3.frw

icon рис 4.frw

рис 4.frw
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