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Installation of embossing sponge - continued

  • Added: 27.11.2016
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The embossed moving sponge is part of the universal tooling of hydraulic tables of metal cutting machines. It is mounted on a table along with a fixed sponge. For reliable installation of the embossing sponge on the table, key slots are provided in the guide plate. To the table plate pos. 1 is attached by two naz bolts, pos. 11 with nuts, pos. 16. In the directing plate of 1 sponge the draft of poses is placed. pos. 6 which a threaded part connects to a hydraulic cylinder rod (the hydraulic cylinder on the drawing is not shown). Push-pull rod neck, pos. 6 covers the lever fork, pos. 7, fixed on the axis, pos. 8. The second end of the lever pos. enters the slot of the slide (pos. 3. Screw pos. 4, the housing moves, pos. 2 when adjusting the machine to the required size of the machined part. On the left side of the housing on key pos. 10, a replaceable plate pos. 5, fixed with screws, pos. 12, which varies depending on the shape and process base of the workpiece. Clamping and pressing of machined part is performed by hydraulic cylinder.

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