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Drum Dryer - Situational Installation Plan

  • Added: 29.01.2022
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Drum dryer installation plan


Project's Content

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icon Ситуационный план барабанная сушилка.cdw

Additional information



General part

Brief description of the installation object

Installation Organization Philosophy

Preparation for installation

Acceptance of construction part

Equipment acceptance and preparation

Design part

We determine the required crane lifting capacity

Determine the required crane lifting height

Select the installation crane

Calculation of sling

Installation of equipment

Installation Difficulties

Installation of cylindrical transmission

Installation of furnace housing

Fan installation

Occupational safety

Safety precautions

Production sanitation

Fire safety

Electrical safety

Safety of work performance

Environmental protection

Top climbing works

List of sources used

Drawings content

icon Ситуационный план барабанная сушилка.cdw

Ситуационный план барабанная сушилка.cdw
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