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Diagram of electrical connections of KTP No. 110

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The diploma project, the purpose of which is to improve the electrification of the workshop with the modernization of air exchange, is presented with an explanatory note on 110 pages of typewritten text, 18 drawings, and a graphic part on 8 sheets. The explanatory note to the project consisted of an introduction, seven cases, a conclusion, a list of used literature from 22 sources.

Project's Content

icon 1генплан.vsd
icon 2расч схема осв освещ.vsd
icon 3управл освещ.vsd
icon 4ТП.vsd
icon 5Система теплоутилизации.vsd
icon 6схема упарвления.vsd
icon 7БЖД.vsd
icon 8экономика.vsd
icon plot.log
icon КТП схема.dwg
icon записка 1 2с.doc

Additional information

Drawings content

icon КТП схема.dwg

КТП схема.dwg

icon записка 1 2с.doc

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