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Crank mechanism 5D49

  • Added: 23.04.2020
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Crank mechanism 5D49 consists of two groups: Movable: piston with piston rings, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft with bearings or crank, flywheel. Fixed: cylinder block (is the basic part of the internal combustion engine) and is a common cast with a crankcase, cylinder head, flywheel and clutch crankcase, lower crankcase (tray), cylinder liners, block covers, fasteners, block cover gaskets, brackets, crankshaft half-rings. Direct scheme: The piston, under the influence of gas pressure, translates towards the crankshaft. By means of kinematic pairs "piston-connecting rod" and "connecting rod-shaft" translational movement of piston is converted into rotary movement of crankshaft. The crankshaft consists of: - connecting rods - main necks - counterweight Reverse scheme: The crankshaft, under the influence of the applied external torque, makes a rotational movement, which through the kinematic chain "shaft-connecting rod-piston" is converted into a translational movement of the piston.

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