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Coursework on TMM. "Horizontally - forging machine" 2nd task, variant No. 2

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Coursework on TMM. "Horizontally - forging machine" 2nd task, variant No. 2

Project's Content

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1. Structural analysis of the mechanism

2.1. Kinematic synthesis of crank-slider mechanism

2.2. Outline of provisions

2.3. Speed and Acceleration Plan

2.3.1. Speed Plan

2.3.2. Acceleration Plan

2.4. Kinematic diagrams

3. Power calculation

3.1. Display Chart Processing

3.2. Power calculation of Assur group of the second class

3.2.1.Define inertia forces

3.2.2.Determination of gravity forces

3.2.3. Defining Reactions in Kinematic Pairs

3.3 Power calculation of I class mechanism

3.3.1 Determination of gravity

3.3.2 Determination of reactions in kinematic pairs

3.4 Zhukovsky lever

4. Dynamic calculation

4.1. Determination of given moments of forces

4.2. Determination of kinetic energy of links

4.3.Determination of flywheel inertia moment

4.4. Determination of the law of movement of the driving link

4.5.Define the main parameters of the flywheel

List of literature


The purpose of this course work is to design and study the mechanism of a horizontal forging machine.

Speed and Acceleration Plan

The velocity plan is a graphical image in the form of a beam of absolute velocities and points of links and segments connecting the ends of the beams, which are the ratio of the velocity of points in a given position of the mechanism.

Defining an acceleration plan is similar to defining a velocity plan.

Speed and acceleration plans will be considered for the tenth position.

Drawings content

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