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Coursework on the training course "Development of technological maps 1"

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Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution

Higher education

 «Togliatti State University»

Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Center for Architectural, Structural Solutions and Construction Organization



under the training course "Development of WPS 1"

Option 25

Assignment for a course project 


Scope of the process map

Technology and organization of excavation works

Installation of the upland ditch

Cutting the vegetation layer of the soil and moving it

Fragment of the fundamen pit

Arrangement of descents into the pit

Dewatering works

Backfilling the sinuses with earth

Engineering support works

Feasibility study of options

Requirements for quality and acceptance of works

Material and technical resources

Organization of works

5.1 Determination of labour and wage costs

Measures on ecology and labor protection

Technical and economic indicators



It is required to develop a technological map for earthworks when arranging a pit for the foundation of a multi-storey building, in accordance with the initial data.

Source data:

Axle spacing

  1. The mark of the depth of laying the foundations, - h = 3.9;
  2. Building site number, No. 3;
  3. Range of soil transportation, L = 5 km;
  4. Filtration coefficient Kf = 11 m/day,
  5. Vegetative soil, p = 0.5 m;
  6. Sand with gravel, v= 1.4m;
  7. Loess loam, t=0.7 m;
  8. Soft clay, m = 1,6 m;
  9. Clay is heavy, f = 2 m;
  10. Groundwater level, h.g.v = -2.1 m;
  11. Water inflow, a = 48 l/h *m2,
  12. Construction area: Togliatti
  13. Planned external dimensions and forms of the foundation, m


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