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By the nature of the tasks considered and solved, the course work is divided into two main parts: calculation and graphic. In the design part, a version of the beam cage is selected, calculations of the flooring, floor beams, main beams, columns, parts and assemblies are carried out.

In the graphic part, drawings of the beam cage in the CM and CMD stage are compiled. In this part, the following are developed: the installation diagram of the beam cage with the marking of all elements, drawings of the sending marks of the main and auxiliary beams, columns, as well as structural interfaces. A steel specification and a table of shipping marks are compiled.

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Table of Contents:

Data on the exchange rate project

1. Beam cage layout

2. Structural flooring calculation

3. Calculation of BN for simple type of beam cage

3.a Calculation of BH and BB for complicated type of beam cage

4. Main Beam Calculation

4.1 Determination of loads and design forces

4.2 Selection of composite beam section

4.3 Changing the Section of the Main Beam

4.4 Check of deflection strength and overall stability of beams

4.5 Check of local stability of beam elements

4.6 Calculation of waist welds

4.7 Calculation of support ribs

4.8 Calculation of beam coupling units

4.9 Calculation of installation joint of beams

5. Column calculation

5.1 Calculation of through column rod with bars

5.2 Column Base Calculation

5.3 Calculation of column heads

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