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Course work on reinforced concrete structures. Calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures of multi-storey production frame building

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On the basis of the recommendations of the educational literature and reference data on typical structures, assign preliminary individual geometric dimensions of the designed structures. With a T-section girder with a shelf down, accept the column with rectangular cantilevers. Perform the installation plan of the temperature block (arrangement of columns, girders, ribbed slabs, wall panels). The location of the girders is transverse. The width and length of the floor slabs are taken from 1.5 to 3.9 m and from 6.0 to 7.5 m, respectively. Perform calculations and design of the most loaded prestressed slab, crossbar without stressed reinforcement, middle column of the first floor, centrally loaded foundation for the considered column. Design results shall be presented in the form of working drawings of structures with reinforcement specifications. (2 sheets of A3 format). 1. Source Data 1. Construction area of ​ ​ Igarka 2. Dimensions of temperature block in axes (m) 18.6 x 44.0 3. Number of floors (pcs) 5 4. Floor height (m) 3.0 5. Temporary floor load (kN/m2) 12.0 including short acting part 1.25 6. Floor load (kN/m2) 1.0 7. Cross section shape: rectangular 8. Conditional design soil resistance (MPa) 0.18 9. Foundation depth (m) 1.9 10. Roof insulation: ceramic concrete 11. Insulation thickness (mm) 120

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