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Course work on heat and gas supply

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Course work on heat and gas supply, there is a paz with all calculations

Project's Content

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Assignment to the Course Project

Content of coursework

1. Heat Engineering Calculation of External Enclosures

2. Heating System Heat Load Calculation

3. Hydraulic calculation of heating system pipelines

4. Heating Fixture Surface Calculation

5. Aerodynamic calculation of natural ventilation system

Content of coursework

The course project consists of two interconnected sections: a calculation explanatory note and a graphic part.

The calculation part includes the following sections:

Heat engineering calculation of external enclosures, where it is necessary to determine:

- climatic characteristics of the construction area, design parameters of internal air and operating conditions of the premises;

- external wall material characteristics and normative heat engineering characteristics;

- required thermal resistance of the outer wall and thickness of the insulation layer;

- actual heat transfer coefficient of the outer wall;

- required thermal resistances for other external enclosures.

2. Calculation of the heat load on the heating system, in which:

- determine heat losses through enclosing structures by separate premises of both floors for ½ part of the building;

- calculate the amount of heat consumed for heating and filtered air;

- find the heat flow rate for heating the air supplied for ventilation of the premises and compensating for the natural exhaust from the apartment;

- determine household heat generation;

- calculate the heat load on heating devices and the total for the entire building;

-define specific thermal characteristic.

3. Thermal input calculation and hydraulic calculation of heating system pipelines, where it is necessary to:

- perform calculation of thermal input with water jet elevator and select elevator;

- find the design pump pressure in the heating system;

- determine the main circulation ring and the design circulation pressure for it;

- calculate diameters of pipelines of the main circulation ring;

- calculate the diameters of the pipelines of the sections of the additional circulation ring through the riser device closest to the elevator and link pressure losses with pressure losses in parallel sections of the main circulation ring.

4. Determination of the heat removal surface area of heating devices for three risers of the calculation branch of the heating system.

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