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Calculation of carburetor engine VAZ 21083

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Course project. The explanatory note contains thermal calculation, kinematic calculation, dynamic calculation and structural calculation of the vase motor 21083. The drawing of the first format A1 contains dynamic parameters of the engine, the drawing of the second contains a piston, a piston pin, stop rings, compression and oil rings

Project's Content

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Thermal calculation of VAZ carburetor engine

Kinematics of KSM

Dynamic calculation of KSM

Constructive calculation



Modern land transport modes owe their development mainly to the use of piston internal combustion engines as power plants. It is ICE pistons that are until now the main type of power plants, mainly used on cars, tractors, agricultural, road transport and construction machines. This trend continues today and will continue in the near future.

Course design is the final part of the educational process for the study of discipline, revealing the degree of assimilation of the necessary knowledge, their creative use to solve specific engineering problems. It serves simultaneously as the initial stage of the independent work of a young specialist, reducing the period of its adaptation in production. The purpose of this course design is to calculate the designed automobile engine.

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