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Bevel Gear Design

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Main transmission bevel gear technology and design for the T-40 tractor family

Project's Content

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Additional information


Introduction of ___________________________________________________________

Design Input Analysis

machining process of specified part. ______

Service purpose and design of the part and machine as a whole _________

Analysis of compliance with technical requirements, codes

accuracy and quality of service purpose of the part __________________

Part Design Processability Analysis _________________________

Analysis of production and literature data

according to the manufacturing technology of similar parts ____________________

Define the type and organizational form of production ________________

Selection and justification of procurement method _____________________

Feasibility Study

a method of manufacturing a blank ____________________________________

Selection of installation process bases ___________________________

Dimensioning and sketching a workpiece _________________

Development of Mechanical Process Route

workpiece processing ________________________________________________

Select a route for individual surfaces __________________

Route feasibility study

machining the workpiece _________________________________

Development of the part processing route as a whole _______________________

Calculation of allowances ____________________________________________________

Calculation of cutting modes and process time norm

to perform process operations ____________________

Calculation of the accessory _______________________________________________



The basis of the competitiveness of any product is its quality and the degree of novelty of these products. This statement is also applicable to mechanical engineering, since the reliability and operability of any equipment is ensured by its quality. The quality of the machines depends on the accuracy of manufacturing the parts included in the machine. To ensure that parts are manufactured accurately at a minimum cost, you must select the production type, workpiece production methods, and part route correctly. When calculating the manufacturing technology of the part, it is necessary to take into account the annual production program, the possibility of using certain machines, as well as the method of obtaining the workpiece. When choosing a part processing route, you should try to fully load the machines and strive for less use of the machine nomenclature.

Only by choosing the correct type of production and choosing the route of processing the part can you get a competitive product and therefore get the maximum profit from the production of the machine.

Drawings content

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