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School project with all premises in revit

  • Added: 10.03.2022
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The project of the school, the composition of the premises:

Universal laboratories 1-2 80m2 Laboratories 1-2 70m2 Language room 1-2 58m2 Computer science room 82m2 Universal workshop 100m2 Home economics room 100m2 Drawing and drawing room 100m2 Recreation room 670m2 Children's creativity workshop 100m2 Quiet games room 74m2 Junior school library 40m2 Classes 1-4 67m2 Children's sports hall 130m2 Recreation 1st class 52m2 Recreation room 52m2 Recreation room 52m2

Library 400m2 Classroom 1-7 62m2 Lobby 518m2 Changing rooms 164m2 Teacher's room 25m2 Sun. knots 40m2 Dining room 154m2 Kitchen 55m2 Director's office 21m2 Secretary's office 17m2 Sound room 17m2 Chancery 17m2 Honey. item 22m2 Staff rest room 22m2 Universal assembly and sports hall 280m2 Swimming pool 309m2 Changing rooms 140m2 Lecture hall 130m2

Project's Content

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