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Course mass - Accuracy rationing and technical measurements

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One of the main goals of the designer in the course of designing and designing new and improving obsolete products is the development of drawing documentation for drawings, ensuring the necessary processability and high quality of products.

The purpose of the course work in the discipline "Accuracy rationing and technical measurements":

1) The student acquires the necessary knowledge and skills for calculation and selection of tolerances and fits of standard joints of machine parts:

- calculation and selection of interference fit;

- calculation and selection of rolling bearings fits;

- selection of fits for smooth cylindrical joints by similarity method;

- selection of tolerances and fits of splined joint;

- selection of degrees of accuracy and fits of threaded connection;

- selection and calculation of accuracy of gears and gears;

2) Definition of tolerances and limit deviations of dimensions included in the dimension chain

3) Normalizing the accuracy of the shape and location, roughness of the surfaces of the assembly.

The advantages of coursework compared to other types of training are the almost complete independence of the student during its performance, the need to use knowledge from other parallel fields.

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