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Amphibious Assault Vehicle

  • Added: 04.05.2021
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The Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV-P7/A1) is the current amphibious troop transport of the US marine corps. It is used by U.S. Marine Corps Assault Amphibian Battalions to land the surface assault elements of the landing force and their equipment in a single lift from assault shipping during amphibious operations to inland objectives and to conduct mechanized operations and related combat support in subsequent mechanized operations ashore. It is also operated by other forces. Marines call them "amtracs", a shortening of their original designation, "amphibious tractor".

This project consists of 3D model assembly and parts of Amphibious Assault Vehicle.

Project's Content

icon wheel.SLDPRT
icon body.SLDPRT
icon gun_1.SLDPRT
icon ham_1.SLDPRT
icon 1. Assembly Solidworks 2020 file.SLDASM
icon blade_cover.SLDPRT
icon blade_1.SLDPRT
icon chengel_!.SLDPRT
icon orta tekerlek.SLDPRT
icon gun_2.SLDPRT
icon cover.SLDPRT
icon kapak.SLDPRT
icon palet_1.SLDPRT
icon palet_2.SLDPRT
icon chengel_2.SLDPRT
icon gun.SLDASM
icon kapak_2.SLDPRT
icon süspansiyon 2.SLDPRT
icon süspansiyon 3.SLDPRT
icon arka tork.SLDPRT
icon süspansiyon montaj_.SLDASM
icon gate_1.SLDPRT
icon front_gate_2.SLDPRT
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