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3-d model of vibration stand in SolidWorks

  • Added: 17.09.2021
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The 3rd model of the vibration stand was made according to the drawing attached a photo. It consists of LH and RH hoe, ball, housing, nut, 2 pcs, washer, bolt and connector. First, he made all the individual parts, then in assembly mode he connected them.

Project's Content

Name Size
icon individual_part_models.rar
1 MB
icon left_paw.SLDPRT
115 KB
icon right_paw.SLDPRT
112 KB
icon Nut.SLDPRT
129 KB
icon washer.SLDPRT
108 KB
icon ball.SLDPRT
137 KB
icon Hex_Nut_5915_gost.sldprt
236 KB
icon case.SLDPRT
134 KB
icon Detal1.SLDPRT
355 KB
icon Assembly.SLDASM
1 MB
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