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Engineering systems

Building engineering systems are complex systems that include heating, hot and cold water supply and sewerage systems, drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, safety and security systems, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, power supply systems, etc.

Installation of engineering systems is not possible without the professional approach of necessarily highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering networks, since the created systems must meet the requirements of efficiency, reliability and durability. When designing any engineering system, it is necessary to take into account many conditions: the scheme of the system, its correct calculation and installation, the quality of components, competent operation and timely maintenance.

For example, for the installation of the heating system, first of all, you need to select all the necessary equipment: pumps, heating boilers, radiators, valves, develop and coordinate the project, and then start installation work. You need to be a professional in order to be able to choose from a huge number of equipment suitable for this case and at the same time take into account the compatibility of the elements with each other.
So, designing, calculating and installing engineering systems is a difficult task that requires a careful approach to this issue.

All nuances related to binding of equipment to a specific room and existing systems, to the procedure and rules for laying power grids, as well as all issues related to installation and commissioning works are taken into account when performing engineering systems design work.

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