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Construction by definition is the creation of buildings and structures.
As well as flying and moving, a person always wanted to live somewhere. Wander through the winter forest for a month, and you will understand that the ability to build a house deserves respect. However, you can build not only houses. Build towers, towers, power lines, pipelines, roads, tunnels, tanks, bridges, airfields and many other things. If humanity disappears now, then the memory of it for the longest time will keep the remnants of what we have ever built (well, except for traces on the moon, of course). All the machines and mechanisms of thousands of years as they will burn and there will be no trace of them, and some of the most solid buildings will stand. Well, in addition, it is pleasant and monetary to be a builder in modern conditions, unlike many other engineering specialties.
Although our site has a more mechanical orientation, you can always download building drawings from it.

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