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Sleeping building of the holiday home - drawings

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Diploma project: Sleeping building of the holiday home. The project contains seven drawings, explanatory note

Project's Content

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Additional information

Structural solution of the building

The structural diagram of the residential part of the hull is a system of brick transverse and longitudinal bearing walls with a thickness of 25, 38 and 51cm and cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 180mm resting on them.

Outer walls represent multilayer self-supporting structure.

The structural diagram of the public part of the sleeping case is adopted in the form of a reinforced concrete frame frame. The columns have a section of 25x25cm. The floor of the public part is ribbed with slabs resting on the contour. The section of beams is 30x15cm, and the thickness of the plate is 180mm.

Foundations for walls - ribbon prefabricated, and for columns - monolithic reinforced concrete.

The lodges of the sleeping body are formed by sealing reinforced concrete cantilever beams into transverse bearing walls.

Roofs are designed flat with an internal drain. The roof to be used is made of concrete slabs, and the combined roof is made of rolled materials.

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