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Internal networks of water supply, sewerage of the shopping complex

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Working project. Composition - General part, System B1, System B2, System T3, T4, System K1, System K2, System K3, System K3.1, Basic technical and economic indicators of water consumption and water disposal, Annexes.

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Additional information

Main technical and economic indicators of water consumption and

Water disposal:

Water consumption for household drinking needs - 7.56 m3/day.

Water disposal of household effluents - 7.39 m3/day.

Maximum-hour water flow per household-drinking needs - 1.14 m3/h.

Maximum-second water flow for household and drinking needs - 0.58 l/s

Flow rate for internal fire extinguishing of the building - 5.0 l/s (2nd jets by 2.5 l/s)

External fire extinguishing flowrate - 25.0 l/s, building volume - 42247.0 m3

Maximum hourly heat consumption at HVA considering heat loss 34828.1 kcal/h.

Average hourly heat consumption per GVA taking into account heat loss of 15077.4 kcal/h.

Required head for household and drinking needs - 23.2 m.v.

Required head in case of fire - 20.01 m.v.

Rain flow rate from the roof of the building - 16.04 l/s (roof area - 3505 m2)

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