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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Project

  • Added: 02.10.2021
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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Project STO.

Calculated parameters of external air - during the cold period of year for calculation of heating and ventilation minus of 28 °C. - during the warm period of year for calculation of ventilation-22.3 of °C. - for calculation of conditioning-26.3 of °C.

Heat carrier for heating systems of production rooms and heat supply of heaters is water with parameters 150-70 ° C, supplied from the own boiler house located on the territory of the auto center. The coolant for the heating systems of the office part and the car dealership is water with parameters of 95-70 ° С.

Project's Content

Name Size
icon Heating_system_diagrams.dwg
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icon Ventilation_Plan_per_0.000.dwg
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icon Sections_by_vent_chambers.dwg
320 KB
icon Specification_Adjustments_.1dwg.dwg
366 KB
icon Heating._Plan_for_0.000.dwg
503 KB
icon Heating._Plan_at_elevation_3.300.dwg
375 KB
icon Table_of_local_suction.dwg
91 KB
icon Axonometry.1_Ventilation..dwg
381 KB
icon Ventilation_Plan_at_elevation_3.300.dwg
212 KB
icon Konditsionirovaniye1.dwg
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icon general_data.dwg
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icon Specifying_Constructors.dwg
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icon Conditioning_Axonometry.dwg
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icon Roof_Plan_30.08.dwg
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